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Domek całoroczny

Our agrotourism house is situated by Nielisz reservoir in Roztocze National Park area in the south-east of Poland, which is one of the cleanest parts of the country.

The spot is surrounded by evergreens and other trees with beautiful paths for morning and evening strolls by a small, natural pond. Your children can enjoy themselves playing in a tree house or swinging or simply making sand castles in a sandpit. It is also possible to rest in a spacious summerhouse with an in-built BBQ. There are three large bedrooms (2 beds each) and a living room with an open kitchen, a fireplace and a shower of course.
All of these things in a calm and quiet atmosphere in a half-wilderness but just a few kilometers from a little historic town and other interesting areas.

In addition, you can learn about Roztocze and its interesting history if you like too. It is possible to organize a guided tour to show you the beauty of Zamosc (a 16th century, UNESCO heritage list town which is about 25 kilometers far), Szczebrzeszyn ( a town where different cultures- Ukrainian, Jewish and Polish – meet) and many other places that may interest you with their architecture and history.

Accommodation for 20 people
Prices: 50 euro for a house ( 24 hour stay)
(we rent whole houses only – we do not rent rooms )

Why it is worth visiting us:
1. A lot of interesting places:

  • Zamość – a UNESCO world heritage list town (25 km)
  • Zamoyski 16th century palace and park – exotic trees (7km)
  • Szczebrzeszyn – a town of three cultures (7 km)
  • Roztocze National Park

2. Facilities, advantages: 

  • sauna
  • solar panel heated swimming pool
  • watching and learning in a local apiary
  • barbecues with your hosts
  • fresh air, beauty of Roztocze woods

3. We also offer

  • free bicycle rental
  • free water sports equipment rental
  • easy shopping at a local grocer’s shop

We cordially invite you ! ! !

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